Beehive Cafe


The Beehive Cafe has been in our DNA from the very beginning. It was part of the original vision of what The Beehive would look like; creating a hub of activity where people can come, be themselves and enjoy good quality coffee and cake at the same time.

So much of deep relationship is done over food and drink. That’s why we have meals together, that’s why we meet for a drink and a slice of cake. There is something special that comes from sharing food and drink together. It’s the universal language of friendship.


Throughout our Beehive journey to this point, we have been adapting and developing what our cafe looks like and how we run it. We’ve experimented with pricing and how we can make it sustainable now that we’re permanent.

With this in mind, we’re changing our pricing structure for all our cafe items, as of Wednesday 12th June 2019, and introducing some snazzy syrups to make your coffee just that extra bit special.

Everything we do, and everything we sell at The Beehive; cafe included; goes straight back into helping women in Ashford


As you probably already know, we often have a mix of wrapped cakes, as well as homemade cakes made by the amazing Floral Frosting. Her homemade cakes are vegan and there is usually a good selection of gluten free cakes on offer too where possible!


We are so grateful to every single person who supports our Beehive cafe; whether you’re a regular, or coming in for your first time. We are constantly learning, adapting and growing and we are so thankful for your patience and understanding as we adjust to being a permanent cafe in the heart of Ashford.

Cafe Menus-02.png

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


-With Love, The Beehive Team. x